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23 février 2017

Des influenceurs en ligne de classe mondiale visitent la Slovénie

AM+A are complete believers in the power of online influencers to amplify our clients' content and act as ambassadors for a brand.

To share the natural beauty of Slovenia, AM+A assisted the Slovenian Tourism Board to host seven top travel vloggers undertaking their first group tour under the name 'Live The Adventure'. The group included the global star Fun For Louis and Exploring With Josh, on an extraordinary trip to Slovenia’s top attractions.

Altogether, the bloggers had the potential to share their journey with more than 4.4 million subscribers.

The vloggers posted videos from various locations across Slovenia. Ljubljana's new Museum of Illusions was a huge success, garnering 994k views from two YouTube videos. Another big hit was Postojna Cave, with over 426k views of videos filmed in this beautiful underground environment.

Equally popular was Lake Bled, which acted as the backdrop for many of the group's Instagram and Twitter photographs. The bloggers collectively shared 50 photos of Slovenia on Instagram, which received a total of 625k likes and 3.3k comments.

In total the vloggers recorded a total of 13 YouTube videos, collecting a total of 2.3 million views, while Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter helped create over 2 million social media interactions.

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