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28 août 2020

Pourquoi TikTok façonne l'avenir du marketing créatif.

TikTok has 800 million worldwide users. It is now the fastest growing social media platform and presents even more ways for brands to create impactful campaigns and reach wider audiences. 

Here’s a TikTok guide and top tips to understand how PRs and marketeers can utilise the platform to bring creative campaign ideas to life on TikTok. 

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What is it? 

TikTok is a short-form mobile video app, meaning users can film, edit and consume fast paced, trend-led content. Creators can either film footage for up to 15 seconds, or edit together clips for minute long videos. The combination of snappy videos with extensive music options and a homepage that is specifically curated based on in-app behaviours, means brands can quickly create fun and engaging campaigns.  

How to use it? 

Forward thinking brands that are looking to connect with ever growing audiences have already leaped into the vibrant, digital world of TikTok. Great examples come in many forms, whether its destination montages from Switzerland Tourism or Chipotle releasing hacks for claiming free guacamole. 

1. Hashtag Challenges 

Hop on the bandwagon, and combine your campaign messaging with some of the viral challenges which lead much of TikTok’s content. Research successful viral hashtags such as Chipotle’s #GuacDance. Customers were rewarded with free Guacamole on National Avocado Day if they filmed themselves dancing to the ‘Guacamole Song’ which had previously gone viral across social media (the hashtag accounted for over 430 million views and over 250K submissions).

2. Influencers 

As with every social media platform, influencers are a successful way to directly reach target audiences. Organisations are able to reach users who actively search new and exciting product offerings via influencers. However, ensure that the influencers you collaborate with are going to reach your target demographic.

3. Instruction videos

Step-by-step instruction videos are a great way to increase audience interactions. Everyone gets excited by the chance to learn a new skill, especially if it can be condensed into a short, fun video. From dance routines to cooking videos, many tutorials accumulate high repeat view statistics. 

4. Ads

Brands can opt for a variety of paid adverts across the platform. The three main offerings are, 'Top View' which makes the advert the first video visible when the app is opened. TikTok also offers 'Brand Takeovers' which are three to five-second videos or images and 'In-Feed Videos' which appear amid organic user content. Similarly to non-commercial posts, these can be liked, shared and direct users to external websites.

5. The future

TikTok saw record growth throughout 2020 with many users seeking new ways to connect and source entertainment whilst in lockdown. The outbreak of COVID-19 has meant many brands are reevaluating their approach to digital marketing strategies. Its ever-expanding popularity and unique offerings highlight how TikTok can bring your digital presence to life and complement your established marketing strategies.

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