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January 10, 2023

5 Best AI Tools To Help PR Professionals and Content Creators

As the world of PR & marketing continues to develop, one of the biggest trends for 2023 is the use of AI in business and content creation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term for computer systems that mimic human interactions, our ability to ‘learn’ and solve problems. 

AI tools can help PR professionals and content creators in three main ways: generating content, augmenting human intelligence, and by automating tasks. Here are our top five AI-powered tools to help PR professionals and creatives work efficiently in 2023.

Copy.ai (best for: content creation)

Copy AI is a template-based content creation tool designed to provide copy for emails, ecommerce, blog posts and even social media captions. It works best at generating short form content such as article titles or subject lines. 

Once you’ve found the template that best suits your task and added a key topic, you can include additional context and a specific writing tone. Copy.ai takes thirty seconds to generate a variety of options for you to edit and save. 

Synthesia (best for: video creation)

This video creation software is a great option for video marketing and content creators. Synthesia allows you to do away with costly camera equipment, editors and actors - instead you rely on AI generated speech in 65 languages and accents with over 40 actors to create high quality corporate videos.

Originally designed for customer service, PR professionals can utilise Synthesia by creating interviews, testimonials and marketing materials. A cost-effective alternative to the traditional video creation process. 

Designs.ai (best for: graphic design)

Having entered the market to compete with the likes of Canva and InDesign, Designs AI offers an AI powered online suite of graphic design tools. There are a variety of templates for assistance with creating logos, videos, social calendars and more. 

The ultimate goal is to allow creatives and PR professionals to automate the process of creating visual content for the likes of  social media channels, email newsletters, and other marketing materials.

Grammarly (best for: writing and editing)

Grammarly uses AI to read and evaluate writing either through the Grammarly online editor or via a browser extension. Rather than starting from scratch like many AI writing tools, Grammarly builds upon the text that you’re writing live by automatically flagging grammatical errors and recommending vocabulary and sentence structure changes to make your writing more efficient and engaging.

Think of it as a communications assistant, while writing emails, blogs or press releases Grammarly can provide tonal suggestions to make your writing, for example, more persuasive, or formal. 

DeepL (best for: translation)

DeepL is a powerful AI translation tool that uses the Linguee database to identify subtle nuances in text in order to provide the highest quality translation possible. This is a useful tool if you’re working on global campaigns that require regular translation. Deepl currently supports up to 28 languages and also offers automatic language detection.

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